Saint-Emilion is just 60 minutes from Résidence du Château and is perfect for visiting the vineyards of Bordeaux.

The vineyard and the landscape of Saint-Emilion belong to the world heritage list of UNESCO. This region has an outstanding microclimate and an extra-ordinary soil quality. Flanks, terraces and plateaus alternate on a surface which consists of rocks, (silica) sand, clays and loam.
With a city wall that has been preserved for just over a kilometer, Saint-Emilion belongs to a small group of French medieval cities with city walls. Other alike cities include Aigues-Mortes, Avignon, Boulogne, Carcassonne, Cordes, Dinan, Mont Saint-Michel, Provins, Saint-Malo en Vannes. France only has two typical Romanesque city walls : in Provins and in Saint-Emilion.