Food in the area

Culinary enjoyment is also possible in France. You can enjoy a high-quality meal or eat tastefully at a simple café-restaurant. There are various dining options in the vicinity of Residence du Chateau.

The southwest of France is the country of the “French Paradox”. On the one hand you have delicious food which elevates the true art of living and on the other hand cholesterol problems and hart diseases, which are both very rare. Meals often start with garbure (farmer soup), tourin (garlic soup), fish soup, oysters or duck liver terrine . This dish is often followed by any type of dish with fish (salmon, eel, may fish). Afterwards the diners enjoy a meat dish such as lamb from Pauillac, beef from Bazas, goose or duck. For special occasions short-fried foie gras and truffles are popular additions. The region also has a wide range of desserts.

You can also eat oysters and other fresh sea delicacies in Arcachon. Eating oysters at a grower certainly has a unique charm to it. If you do this in Guisan-Mestras for example, you can also visit the “House of Oyster” (La Maison de l’Huitre) and explore the history and culture of oyster farming.