Chateau de La Brède

The chateau de La Brède is a castle in the French municipality La Brède, in the department Gironde in the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine. It is well-known in particular due to the birth of the French enlightenment philosopher Montesquieu in 1689. The famous Frenchman also spent part of is life in the town.

Montesquieu, or in full : Charles Louis de Secondat, baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu (castle La Brède near Bordeaux, 18 January 1689 – Paris, 10 February 1755), whose name is often shortened to Charles de Montesquieu or just Montesquieu was a French philosopher. He is seen as one of the founders of sociology and as one of the most important philosophers from the Enlightenment. The current political institution of western democracy is partly based on Montesquieu’s and Locke’s ideas. An important feature is the separation of powers. This idea arose from Montesquieu’s criticism of French society, especially the excesses of absolutism , which he referred to as despotism. His ideas on law, state and politics were an inspiration to revolutions such as the Corsican War of Independence (1755), the American Independence (1776), the French Revolution (1789) and the Belgian Revolution (1790 and 1830) and more.