Fishing ports, sandy beaches, pine forests and a stunning view from the highest dune in Europe. Unique natural monuments include the famous Dune du PIlat (107 metres above sea-level) and the painting-like peninsula Lège-Cap-Ferret.

The Bassin d’Arcachon lies in the southwest of the Gironde department. This enormous inland lake has an open connection with the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by dunes and forests. The lake is shaped like a triangle and is separated in the west from the Atlantic ocean by the peninsula Cap Ferret. In the middle of the lake lies the Île aux Oiseaux, a bird island with the famous Cabines Tchanquées, two wooden houses built on stilts. Among others, the Lac de Cazaux and the Eyre river supply the lake with fresh water. The open connection with the ocean cerates a tidal action which causes the saltwater to flow in and out of the lake.