Bordeaux is a shopping-, wine and port city in one. Downtown Bordeaux has an open air museum which has been listed on the world heritage list for over 10 years. Thanks to numerous grand renovations the city was able to revive 17th century theatres, ports, cathedrals and squares. A visit to this beautiful historic city is a must when staying in Salles!

Place de la Bourse is a square located at the riverbank of the Garonne river. Place de la Bourse is on one side surrounded by stunning buildings such as the palace de la Bourse, the Musée National des Douanes and a famous restaurant. All the buildings are built in the same architectural style and therefore make a beautiful picture. The square itself has a fountain, Fontaine des Trois-Grâces, which is based on a story from Greek mythology and is very impressive. The highlight of Place de la Bourse must be the Miroir d’Eau. This shallow water basin is the largest in the world and was created to reflect the entire square at night. This is a spectacular view which you should enjoy at night !

Esplanade des Quinconces is another beautiful square in the centre of Bordeaux. It’s the largest square in France and is perfect for wandering around! On the square you will find various fountains and sculptures from artists . The artist Dominic Maggesi , for example, has created two sculptures of Montesquieu and Montaigne, which you can both find on the square. There is also a monument to honour the victims of terror and the members of the Girondins. The square is surrounded by green trees and hosts fun events such as concerts and markets.

Rue Sainte-Catherine is the largest shopping street in the city. The pedestrian-only street is 1175 metres long. The shopping street is also known as the longest shopping street in Europe and lies in the areas of Bordeaux which is listed on the UNESCO heritage list, the Port de la Lune.